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Underserved Podcast Series – Episode 003

HOW AGILE ARE YOU? Aug 22, 2019 In Episode 003, Glyn Morgan (Practice Director, AgileNX) talks about modern software development processes. Specifically, what's it like to implement Agile across several companies, where do many organizations stumble, and what are his tips for success? Glyn also talks about early computers in the UK, his unusual status...

Underserved Podcast Series – Episode 002

YOU HAVE TO SELL TO SURVIVE Aug 13, 2019 In the first few companies where I worked there was little fraternization between the sales, product, and development groups. Monster changed that for me, and I found it very interesting to see how sales-centric organizations were run and what made salespeople tick. My guest Matt Berg...

Underserved Podcast Series – Episode 001

A PODCAST FOR THE REST OF THE TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY Jul 17, 2019 In this inaugural episode of Underserved, Andrew explains the motivation for the podcast. He also talks about how he got into programming and answers some frequently asked questions about developer preferences. This show is sponsored by Syrinx, the developer-founded, developer-run software consulting company

Creating Better Epics

In my role as Agile Transformation Lead at AgileNX, I’ve observed a pattern among several development teams where ‘Epics’ are being used to simply to organize related stories. Creating meaningful Epics is something we're passionate about, so simply grouping a bunch of stories together into a “bucket” type thing doesn’t seem to add much value....