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Strategic Leadership and Resource Augmentation for Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation evokes aspirations of lean, nimble, value-driven practices that will set the organization on a path of success to increased profitability, market dominance, and competition-crushing products. While these statements can be very true, the road to becoming an Agile enterprise can be a gnarly experience.

So what is an agile enterprise? It’s the ability to rapidly adapt to internal and external changes without losing momentum.

Becoming an agile organization is as much about culture as it is lean processes. An agile culture fosters small teams that collaborate dynamically with less formal meetings. This eliminates the “design by committee” approach that is a dead weight plaguing many organizations.

Historically, the larger an organization becomes, the less agile they become too. Take for example brand giants Eastman Kodak and Polaroid. Arguably the most dominant powers photographic film and instant cameras. However, the two had become so large that with the over-night advent and rapid evolution of digital photography, they were out-paced and fell into oblivion due to their inability to adapt.

Agility is a powerful competitive advantage. harnessing its principles will enable faster time-to-market and yield cost reduction that can be re-invested to fuel further growth. Find out more about becoming an agile enterprise and how it can make your business more competitive, more profitable, and generate more growth.

AgileNX Consulting Practice

Four pillars to building a great success story

Creating a Path

Establishing a clear direction and path to success

Process and Practices

Bridging process gaps, removing bottlenecks, and optimizing performance

Coaching and Empowering

Establishing culture, positive guidance, and team autonomy.

Metrics and Measurement

Tools and insights for delivery prediction and measurement of success.

Past and Present

A Brief History

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Creating your path

Attaining an ability for an organization to scale in excellence requires more than a vision, a point in time, or an assembly of skills. It requires a shift in mind-set, a carefully orchestrated set of practices, and a critical awareness of current reality that reframes challenges and reveals opportunities.

AgileNX works closely with key stakeholders from CxO through to in-the-trench contributors to form a solid strategy. This plan  will define a path of goals and objectives built around best practices and tactical agility. __________________________


Lead from the back

Leadership is not about cultivating a throng of followers and demand they execute on a task. Instead, success is attained by shepherding, protecting and guiding. Agile Transformation demands roles that harness the collective genius of those around them to innovate, accelerate and remove barriers.

AgileNX has at its core, a team of individuals whose collective genius is applied to initiating, shaping, and fostering innovation among the constituents of the organization. Together, we instill agile transformation practices that are repeatable and scalable.


Hit the ground running

Whether it’s initiating, accelerating, or realigning an agile transformation initiative, finding and deploying the capabilities and skills in the right timeframe or number can be challenging. Sourcing Scrums Masters, Agile Coaches, or Player Coaches with the experience and ability to integrate quickly, gain trust, and effect change is key.

AgileNX though its network of highly-vetted, top-shelf  talent of industry professionals, can quickly place individuals with the needed skills for short or long-term engagements. __________________________


Tools and Techniques

A fundamental component of agile transformation is creating an environment of communication, collaboration, and transparency. To achieve this capability, choosing new tools combined with the adaption and adoption of existing technology investments among co-located and distributed team members is vital.

AgileNX can help navigate and evaluate existing tool capabilities to identify gaps. Our expertise with industry tools like Jira, Confluence, Slack, and Skype to name a few, enables us to tune and optimize their configurations to your needs.


Find your path to success

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